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Infrastructure Resilience Conference 2018

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Recovery Strategies and Real-time Management of Inundated Roads in Dense Urban Area

Transportation system is one of the most critical infrastructure systems. Its importance is more evident when it is attacked by flooding. The inundation of roads, especially in dense urban area, would block the rescue vehicles carrying the resources and manpower needed for the recovery of critical infrastructure systems such as power, water and gas supply systems. Hence, the proper functioning of roads is critical to ensure the maximum resilience of the urban critical infrastructure systems. This paper focuses on the fast recovery of inundated roads in dense urban area, accounting for the resources limitations. A high-resolution spatiotemporal 2D flooding model is built to simulate the real time flash flooding process. The travel time is defined as the time needed for a rescue vehicle to move from point A to point B. This travel time is used as the indicator of the performance and the measure of resilience of the transportation system. Taking the Porto Alegre city as an example, different recovery strategies are simulated to show the resilience gained due to human intervention. Furthermore, the analysis shows that the pre-emptive preparedness is the ultimate solution to the flash flooding problem of roads in dense urban area. This work can help the agencies plan the recovery and management strategies to achieve a more resilient transportation system subjected to urban flash flooding.

Changyu Hao
Nanyang Technological University

Sai Hung Cheung
Nanyang Technological University


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