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Infrastructure Resilience Conference 2018

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I, We and Energy Behaviour

Considering clean energy technology adoption is depiction of Individual’s energy behavior, Does culture matter for the adoption of clean energy technologies? This study hypothesizes that individuals in nations more oriented to individualistic culture are more inclined to embrace clean energy technologies. The hypothesis is tested by analyzing the variation in actual (self-reported) adoption of clean energy technologies (both aimed for residential and transport purposes) across 30,000 individuals in around 30 countries of the world. Observing across individuals in different countries, it is found that clean energy technology adoption index strongly and positively correlates with individual level proxy for Individualism and Hofstede’s national scores on Individualism. Similar findings are obtained when the analysis is conducted using country-level data. Controlling for alternative indices of culture, political orientations, environmental activism and community type provide consistent evidence.

Swati Sharma


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