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Infrastructure Resilience Conference 2018

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Resilience - Still Only a Buzzword in Practice?

Matthias Schubert holds a master’s degree in civil engineering from RWTH-Aachen and earned an Doctoral degree from ETH Zurich in 2009 and worked at ETH Zürich as a scientific assistant in the group of risk and safety. His research focused on risk‐evaluation policies, with particular regard of personal safety considerations. At ETH Zurich, Matthias Schubert helped establishing and was coordinating the ETH NatHaz MAS, a continuing education program focused on the management of natural hazard risks. In 2009 Matthias Schubert joined Matrisk as CEO. Under his leadership, Matrisk has been steadily growing. Next to his project work, Matthias Schubert has been developing Matrisk to become a thought‐leader in risk assessment and management, completing several publicly funded research projects and striving for implementation of state‐of‐the‐art approaches from research into practice. Matthias Schubert is specialized in risk assessment and decision analysis for infrastructure and the built environment, with expertise in assessment and management of technical risks, including natural hazard risks, tunnel safety, industrial risks, offshore risks and reliability and risk assessments in automotive and space industry. Matthias Schubert is board member in the Joint Committee on Structural Safety (JCSS), Swiss representative for COST Action TU1402 on Structural Health Monitoring, is active in teaching activities and acts as reviewer of scientific journals.

Dr Mattias Schubert
CEO, Matrisk


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