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Infrastructure Resilience Conference 2018

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Multi Input-Output Model of Business and Infrastructure Systems Network

Infrastructure and business systems are crucial to the proper functioning of modern societies. Individuals and companies need other businesses and infrastructures in order to survive, and to maintain their desired production and service levels. Present economies rely heavily on the timely delivery of adequate quantities of goods and services through the intricate networks of interconnected business and infrastructure systems. Consequently, interdependencies between companies and infrastructure systems are thought of as flows of goods and services between these systems. The issue arises then how to best represent and implement the flow of goods and services in a company agents’ network.

Up to now, multi-input-output agents have not been used to represent the business-infrastructure interdependencies. We develop a network of company agents and infrastructures systems, where an input-output model approach is used to simulate the flow of goods and services in the network. We map inputs and outputs of the systems into the input-output model to generate a multi-input-output model of business and infrastructure systems.

Our results show that the multi-input-output model allows for conceptualization of multi-flow interconnections of business agents with infrastructure systems. The model helps to organize and represent the flow of goods and services in a network, and to predict the outside demand of the system at different production and transportation capacities of the network’s agents.

Our aim is to apply the model to a real-life environment, where the company agents will represent actual businesses and infrastructure systems. We will collect data on a business-infrastructure ecosystem, and populate the model with the data to generate a model of an actual business-infrastructure network.

Mateusz Iwo Dubaniowski
Singapore-ETH Centre


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