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Infrastructure Resilience Conference 2018

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Organisational Interdependencies in Sociotechnical Systems

This paper addresses the major challenge of understanding the complexity of organisational interdependencies. Organisational behaviour—human decisions, routines, and actions—tremendously affects organisational performance. However, human interactions within an organization are hard to detect and measure, and cannot be described by a linear model. In this study, the organisational interdependencies are examined from a multiplex perspective. More specifically, the organisational structure is analysed as social networks embedded in the specific sociotechnical context. Thus, to investigate organisational interdependencies, the research focus embraces both formal and informal organisational structure seen as multiplex networks of actors. This study aims to identify organisational interdependencies and develops a multiplex model of organisational system to locate fault-prone and fault-tolerant interactions. By identifying vulnerabilities within the structure of organisational interdependencies, this study seeks to provide new insights on the consequences of organisational interdependencies on organisational resilience.

Justyna Tasic
Future Resilient Systems, Nanyang Technological University


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