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Infrastructure Resilience Conference 2018

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Sociotechnical Resilience: An Agent-Based Model and Simulation

As the complexity of a sociotechnical systems increase, any disruptions on the systems can be disastrous. Therefore, sociotechnical resilience becomes a very crucial part of the systems’ long term performance. This research aims to develop a model to simulate resilience behavior in sociotechnical systems. In this project, we investigate the effect of systems’ structure and informational links between the components towards the resiliency of the system. We show how a sociotechnical systems response to crisis, focusing on the effects of various topology using an agent-based method. We model the sociotechnical systems as the interaction between operational units under a coordinator in a specific network topology. The performance of models of network random network and scale-free are showed. In this simulation, resilience is examined based on the system’s rapidity, i.e. how fast all of the damaged units are recovered. This model gives insights on the importance of resource and information network during the crisis, thus helps stakeholders to design and prepare the resource redundancy and chain of command in order to maintain the overall performance of the system.

Fredy Tantri
Future Resilient Systems, Singapore-ETH Centre

Amir Sulfikar
Nanyang Technological University


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